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CBS-2018 Visa information


To know if you require a visa to enter the Dominican Republic and what are the requirements, please consult the web page: of the Consular Services portal. In addition, we recommend consulting the embassy or consulate in your country for greater security. For more information, please check the list of consulates and embassies​.

All foreign visitors entering the Dominican Republic, whether with a visa or tourist card, must have a valid passport for the duration in and departure from Dominican territory. For more information, please check the list of countries authorized to enter the Dominican Republic.

All nationals of countries able to legally enter the European Union, the United States of America, Canada and Great Britain can enter the national territory of the Dominican Republic upon a simple presentation of the Tourism Card (Decree 691- 07 dated December 18, 2007).

In case a person wants to extend her/his visit while she/he is in the Dominican Republic, she/he can go through the offices of the General Directorate of Immigration and request an extension, applicable for one time only. Additional information could be found at

For visa inquiries, please contact:
Ms. Dolores Echavarría Rivera  
International relations coordinator