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​Documents related to ITU's 150th Anniversary

​Council Committee for the preparation of the 150th Anniversary celebrations​All information  and documents can be found here
​Press releases about the 150th anniversary
​Circular letters
  • No. 8 (2015) Invitation to 150th Anniversary Celebrations
  • No. 4 (2015) ITU150 Awards 
  • No. 1 (2015) ITU's 150th Anniversary: commemorative year in the history of the Union
  • No. 219 (2014)  Call for activities organized by ITU membership to celebrate ITU's 150th Anniversary 
  • No. 214 (2014) ITU's 150th Anniversary celebration. Academia engagement
  • No. 212 (2014) Invitation to contribute to ITU's 150th Anniversary Fund
  • No. 197 (2014) Invitation to get involved in ITU's 150th Anniversary Celebrations
  • No. 132 (2012)  150th Anniversary of the International Telecommunication Union