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Workshop on Standardization in Telecommunications for motor vehicles
Geneva, 24-25 November 2003

Workshop Programme and presentations

  Day 1, 24 November 2003 Day 2, 25 November 2003
AM Opening Session 3
Session 1 Session 3
PM Session 2 Session 4
Session 2
Session 4

Day 1, Monday 24 November 2003
09:30-10:30 Opening Session (AM):

Opening addresses:
ITU-T - Mr R. Scholl, Deputy to the Director of TSB, on behalf of Mr H. Zhao, Director of TSB
UNECE Transport Division - Mr. Capel Ferrer, Director

Presentations from SDOs:
ISO: Mr R. Williams, Convenor ISO TC 204 WG 16 SG 1 CALM [Presentation]
ETSI: Mr R. Williams, Chair ERM-TG 37 [Presentation]
W3C: Mr Ph. Hochka, Deputy Director [Presentation]
ITS America: Mr P. Najarian, Director

Workshop purpose & scope : Overview and Objectives
Mr J-Y. Monfort, ITU-T SG12 Chairman, France Telecom [Presentation]
E.164 numbers vs emerging mobile systems, Mr A. Doisneau, ART [Presentation]
Coffee break 10:30-10:50 - Car exhibition
10:50-12:30 Session 1: Diagnostics and Telematics

Objectives :
Explore the basic communication issues for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and how communication between the vehicle and telecommunication infrastructure takes place.
Explore ways to resolve the different points of view between political and regulatory bodies which may require the use of different media in different places, and the needs of car manufacturers wishing to supply, worldwide, the same in-car equipment.
Understand how vehicles communicate with each other.

This session will present current thinking and developments aiming to achieve these goals.
  • Presentation 1 [Abstract]
    Samsung Intelligent Navigation System 
    Mr. H. Chon [bio], Mr. J. Kim, Mr. S-K. Park
    Telecommunication R&D centre, Samsung Electronics; Korea
  • Presentation 2 [Abstract]
    AMI-C presentation 
    Mr. S. McCormick, Vice-president, Ami-C, USA
  • Presentation 3 [Abstract] | [Written contribution
    Telematics networks and wireless access technology
    Mr H. Cho, Telematics Research Team, ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea
Session Chair: Mr. R. Williams, Consultancy Services International Ltd, ISO TC204
Lunch 12:30-14:00
14:00-15:30 Session 2: Safety (vehicle and passenger safety, emergency services) (Part I) [Introduction]

Analyse how automatic e-calls automatically generated messages following an accident for example, that are sent by a vehicle.s computer system to the emergency services can be generated and handled in the mobile system.
Understand how mobile networks can be used for road safety enhancement.
Understand what kind of automatic components may be used and what kind of medical data should be transmitted.
Understand how road traffic accidents can be prevented by using different predictive technology in the vehicle and what kind of system architectures are able to simplify governing, displaying and sending e-call data.

These questions will be examined with a view towards standardization because many believe that the adoption of coordinated measures is a fundamental issue if safety of vehicles is to be increased and an effective and fast e-call system implemented. Session Chair: Mr B. Fiebig, T-Mobile Traffic GmbH
Coffee break 15:30-15:50 - Car exhibition
15:50-17:30 Session 2: Safety (vehicle and passenger safety, emergency services) (Part II)
  • Presentation 4 [Abstract]
    E-call system
    Mr. B. Fiebig, Service Management T-Traffic Safety, Telematics Services, T-Mobile Traffic GmbH, Germany
  • Presentation 5 [Abstract] | [Written contribution
    High Accuracy Positioning Services for Motorized Society in Japan
    Mr. M. Kohn, Deputy General Manager, Business Development, Advanced Space Business Corporation (ASBC), Japan
  • Presentation 6 [Abstract] | [Written contribution
    An open architecture supporting telematics and the integration of in-car devices - a law enforcement application
    Mr. A. L. Kun, Mr. W. T. Miller III, Mr. W. H. Lenhart, Mr. B. J. Vinciguerra, Mr. M. E. Martin, ECE Department, University of New Hampshire
  • Presentation 7 [Abstract]
    Inter-Vehicle Communication based on Short Range Radar Technology
    Mr. M. Wagner, Mr. G. Rollmann, Mr. N. Appenrodt, Mr. J. Dickmann, Daimler Chrysler AG
Session Chair: Mr. B. Fiebig, T-Mobile Traffic GmbH
Coffee break 17:30-17:45 - Car exhibition
17:45-18:30 Round table discussion
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Day 2, Tuesday, 25 November 2003
09:00-10:40 Session 3: Communications (voice and audiovisual services) (Part I)

Analyse the operational problems of speech transmission and processing systems when used in mobile environments and outline possible solutions based on acoustic and digital technologies.
Discuss test methods for realistically assessing speech quality performance in modern hands-free audio systems for use in cars and similar mobile environments.
Examine the provision of information services to mobile users based on speech recognition platforms.
Highlight on-going work in standards in this area and identify the further standardization work required for paving the way for improved quality of audiovisual services in the automotive field and enabling the effective exploitation of new technologies.
  • Presentation 1 [Abstract]
    Algorithms for the Enhancement of Noisy Speech
    Mr. R. Martin, Institut fuer Nachrichtentechnik University, Braunschweig
  • Presentation 2 [Abstract]
    The VDA Specification for car hands-free: A step towards improved speech quality in car type environments
    Mr W. Balduin, Ford AG
    Mr H. Best, Adam Opel AG
    Mr M. Dietz, BMW
    Mr G. Eisner, Volkswagen AG
    Mr H. W. Gierlich, HEAD acoustics GmbH
    Mr A. Hanke, Audi AG
    Mr B. Heise, Porsche AG
    Mr M. Schaible, DaimlerChrysler AG
  • Presentation 3 [Abstract]
    The Other Hands-free Device - Headset applications in Motor Vehicles
    Mr Keith Derrick, Mr Jim Sotelo, Mr Allen Woo, Plantronics, Inc
  • Presentation 4 [Abstract]
    Signal Processing and Performance Evaluation for In-Car Communication Systems
    Mr T. Haulic and Mr G. Schmidt, Temic SDS Research, Germany
Session Chairs: Mr R. Ceruti (Telecom Italia) and Mr H-W. Gierlich (HEAD acoustics GmbH), ITU-T SG 12
Coffee break 10:40-11:00 - Car exhibition
11:00-12:30 Session 3: Communications (voice and audiovisual services) (Part II)
  • Presentation 5 [Abstract]
    In-car Services through server-based speech recognition
    Mr. L. Delphin-Poulat, France Telecom R&D
  • Presentation 6 [Abstract]
    The development of voice service platform by DSR/DSV
    Mr. H. Oda [bio]; KDDI Corporation, Japan
  • Presentation 7 [Abstract]
    Speech generation in vehicles by mobile phones
    Mr G. Németh, Mr. G. Kiss, Mr P. Fésüs, Mr T. Vörös; Dept. of Telecommunications & Media Informatics, Budapest University of Technology & Economics
  • Presentation 8 [Abstract]
    Distributed Speech Recognition for Mobile Speech & Multimodal Interfaces
    Ms Holly Kelleher and Mr. D. Pearce, Motorola Labs, UK
Session Chairs: Mr R. Ceruti (Telecom Italia) and Mr H-W. Gierlich (HEAD acoustics GmbH), ITU-T SG 12
Lunch 12:30-14:00
14:00-15:30 Session 4: Mobile office (data and multimedia services) (Part I)

Address the needs of mobile office. users in motor vehicles in terms of multimedia applications and services (user segments, subset of traditional office applications, additional services, etc.).
Examine requirements of the underlying network to support these applications and services (protocols and access technologies).
Discuss requirements of the in-vehicle network.
Study integration aspects with in-vehicle entertainment systems as well as multimedia capabilities of dedicated in-vehicle terminals and integrated devices (PDAs, Notebooks, etc.).
  • Presentation 1 [Abstract]
    TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) Technology offers extensive in-vehicle information capability
    Mr. B. Marks, CEN, ICTSB/ITSSG, EBU
  • Presentation 2 [Abstract]
    Vision of Telematics for Samsung Future Terminal. Global Standard Strategies, Samsung Electronics
    Mr J. G. Park, Samsung Electronics, on behalf of Mr Y. K. Kim, ITU-T SSG Vice Chairman Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics
  • Presentation 3 [Abstract]
    Innovative hybridized positionning technology for High Performance Location Based Services
    Mr. C. Manente, Bouygues Telecom, France and Mr G. Walcher, Dai Telecom, Italy; ERTICO-ITS Europe

Session Chair: Mr P-A. Probst, ITU-T SG 16 Chairman, Swisscom

Coffee break 15:30-16:00 - Car exhibition
16:00-17:20 Session 4: Mobile office (data and multimedia services) (Part II)
  • Presentation 4 [Abstract]
    W3C's role in developing standards for Multimodal Interaction
    Mr D. Raggett, W3C/Canon
  • Presentation 5 [Abstract]
    Information broadcasting services by wireless Internet
    Mr. J. Oh; Hansung University, Korea
  • Presentation 6 [Abstract]
    Telematics services for mobile terminals
    Mr A. Lecoutteux [bio], France Telecom R&D
  • Presentation 7
    ITU-T SG 16 overview
    Mr P-A. Probst, ITU-T SG 16 Chairman, Swisscom
Session Chair: Mr P-A. Probst, ITU-T SG 16 Chairman, Swisscom
17:20-18:00 Overall Panel Discussions and Conclusions. Future perspectives



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