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ITU/IDA - 2010 Workshop on the efficient use of the spectrum/orbit resource

(Singapore, 17-18 June 2010)
The access to the orbit/spectrum resource, a crucial asset for satellite companies and countries, is becoming more and more challenging. Struggle for this satellite spectrum asset is particularly intense for newcomers to the business, for smaller companies operating existing satellite services, and for anybody seeking to introduce new types of satellite applications (e.g. broadband services). The ITU Radiocommunication Bureau is currently making concerted efforts to draw the attention of all satellite players to the fact that prosperity of the satellite business may be threatened by any abuse of the regulatory regime allowing access to the spectrum/orbit resource that could deny operation of real satellite networks.
During the final roundtable of the Workshop on efficient use of Spectrum/Orbit resources held in Geneva on 6 May 2009, participants recognized that to rise to the above challenges would require the combined efforts of all members of ITU. Thus far, there had only been few forums in which all those with an interest in the effective and efficient use of the spectrum/orbit resource could get together to discuss the issue. Participants concluded that exchanges of views of this kind should be pursued and enlarged, so as to promote and encourage the development of proposals for enhancing access to and the efficient and effective use of the spectrum/orbit resource.
As a follow-up and to continue with the momentum initiated at the May 2009 event, the Bureau held of a two-day workshop in Singapore on 17 and 18 June 2010 at the kind invitation of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). The workshop was organized in conjunction with the annual Infocomm Media Business Exchange (imbX) organised by Singapore.

 Presentations of Day 1

Type Title Person
Overview ITU, BR, Orbit/Spectrum Access mechanism   Yvon Henri (ITU/BR)  
CR/301 and BR on-going actions (issues still at stake)   Yvon Henri (ITU/BR)  
Improving access to the GSO Arc and Spectrum Resources   Anthony Baker (SES)  
Ensuring Transparent and Multilaterally-agreed rules for the Bringing into Use of Satellite Networks   Alexandre Vallet (ANFR, France)  
Invalidation of a satellite network: from theory to Practice   SpaceCom (Israel)  
Selected Items on Efficient Use of the Spectrum/Orbit Resource   ASIASAT  

 Presentations of Day 2

Type Title Person
No. 11.41 recording (missing coordination agreements) and means to compel administrations to coordinate   Yvon Henri (ITU/BR)  
Case Study: Sharing Schemes for Closely Separated Satellites   Pan Li (APT Satellite)  
Efficient use of the spectrum and orbit resource- We manage, we benefit   Teh Chin Eng (MEASAT, Malaysia)  
ITU, the Radio Regulations and Satellite networks   Per Hovstadt (Telenor, Norway)  
Consultation of BR Space Publications and Databases   Chuen Chern Loo (ITU/BR)