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Updates and table of contents of the Preface (Space services)

 Table of contents

Section Title
SECTION I   General  
SECTION II   Description of the BR IFIC and the Space Radiocommunication Stations on DVD-ROM  
Chapter 1   BR IFIC (Space Services)  
Chapter 2   Cover pages of the Part I-S, II-S, III-S and the Special Sections currently in use  
Chapter 3   Space Radiocommunication Stations on DVD (SRS on DVD)  
SECTION III   Space Networks System (SNS)  
Chapter 1   Details relating to the contents of the SNS data items published in Part I-S, II-S, III-S and the Special Sections of the BR IFIC  
Chapter 2   Description of the format for electronic submission of graphical data related to satellite networks  
SECTION IV   Reference Tables  
Table 1A   Codes Designating Notifying Administrations  
Table 1B   Codes Designating Countries or Geographical Areas  
Table 2   Intergovernmental satellite organizations  
Table 3   Class of Station (data item C4a)  
Table 4   Nature of Service (data item C4b)  
Table 5   Symbols used to indicate the polarization (data item C6a)  
Table 6   Radio astronomy station antenna characteristics (data item B6)  
Table 7   Antenna radiation reference pattern (data item B3e/B4a/B4b or B5c2 or C10c4a)  
Tables 8 - 10   Numbers not used  
Table 11A   Symbols used for coordination and agreement (data item A5/A6) (coordination phase)  
Table 11B   Symbols used for coordination and agreement (data item A5/A6) (notification phase)  
Table 11C   Symbols used for coordination and agreement (Article 4 (agreement seeking phase) of Appendices 30 and 30A)  
Table 12A/12B   Responsible administrations (data item A3b), operating agencies (data item A3a) and postal and telegraphic addresses of the administrations responsible for the stations  
Table 13A1   Finding reference - Conformity with the Radio Regulations - symbols used in column 13A1  
Table 13A2   Finding reference - Conformity with the procedures relating to coordination with other administrations or conformity with a Plan (world or regional) - symbols used in column 13A2  
Table 13A3   Finding reference - Technical examination - symbols used in column 13A3  
Table 13A4   Finding reference - Conformity with Resolution 49 - symbols used in column 13A4  
Table 13B1   Reference to a provision of the Radio Regulations or an Appendix thereto, or a Resolution of a World Radio Conference or a Regional Agreement - symbols used in column 13B1  
Table 13B2   Remarks concerning Findings - symbols used in column 13B2  
Table 13B3   Date relating to a review to be made - symbols used in column 13B3  
Table 13C   Remarks - symbols used in column 13C