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Industry Pavilions on display for first time at ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006

The ‘nations’ of G-PON, Internet, and WiMAX make connections with shared customers at global conference

Hong Kong, 29 November 2006 — Demonstrating the blurred lines between competition and partnership, organizations in the worlds of G-PON, the Internet, and WiMAX will be present collectively at ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006. The leading global ICT event will host three industry pavilions during its week long event in Hong Kong, from 4 to 8 December 2006. The three industry pavilions representing the G-PON industry, the Internet community, and the WiMAX Forum, will take their places alongside the country pavilions at the global networking event.

Reflecting the evolving nature of the technology market, organizations within these three industries now have the opportunity to make visitors and customers aware of their products and services in a new and innovative way. The industry pavilions will help forge partnerships and contacts to maximize recognition and growth in the fast-paced ICT industry of the 21st century.

“In previous years, the Country Pavilions have been a popular part of TELECOM WORLD. Pavilions provide an opportunity for a nation to demonstrate its talent and capabilities. It’s good to see that the ‘nations’ of technology are flying their own flags,” said Fernando Lagrana, ITU TELECOM Executive Manager. “This will add a new dimension to the event and highlights the evolving nature of the industry”, he added.

At the ITU G-PON Pavilion, organized by ITU in association with industry members, visitors can expect to see live demonstrations of G-PON equipment interoperability provided by device and equipment manufacturers. These include AMCC, Cambridge Industries Group, Ericsson, FlexLight Networks, Fujitsu Network Communications, Hitachi, LS Cable, NEC, Terawave Communications, and ZTE. The information carrying capacity of the optical fiber makes Passive Optical Networks (PON) a key enabler for Fiber to the Home (FTTH), which delivers Triple Play, where voice, video and Internet services are combined on the same network and brought to the consumer’s home. Its interoperability and wide industry support are key to fulfilling G-PON’s promise of making the Digital Home a reality for consumers at an affordable price.

The Internet Pavilion is organized and primarily sponsored by three non-profit, community-based organizations: the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the Internet Society (ISOC), and the Number Resource Organization (NRO). ICANN, ISOC and NRO coordinate many critical aspects of the Internet and view the pavilion as a unique opportunity to communicate and engage with a range of stakeholders on issues related to the Internet’s administration and management. The three sponsoring organizations each have ongoing outreach efforts to bring new stakeholder communities into their open and transparent discussions, activity and policy development processes, and see ITU TELECOM WORLD as a natural extension of those efforts.

“We look forward to participating at ITU TELECOM WORLD because it is an important opportunity for our community-based organizations to reach out to as broad a range of stakeholders as possible: the Internet plays an integral role in ICTs and a valuable role in the business of every exhibiting organization present at ITU TELECOM WORLD," said Lynn St.Amour, President and CEO, Internet Society.

Over 400 global corporations make up the membership of The WiMAX Forum. In Hong Kong this year, featured member companies include: Aeroflex, Aperto Networks, Comsys, Navini Networks, Redline Communications, SOMA Networks, and SR Telecom.

Dr. Mohammad S. Shakouri, WiMAX Forum Board Member and Vice President of Marketing, explains, “2006 has been a key year for WiMAX Forum delivering on promises of standards-based broadband wireless. Our members have demonstrated this with nearly 30 WiMAX Forum Certified products and hundreds of operators in global trials and deployments. Early in 2007, this value will increase with the introduction of the first mobile WiMAX Forum Certified Products. We have chosen to showcase these accomplishments and goals at the WiMAX Forum pavilion during ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006.”

The organizations involved in the industry pavilions see TELECOM WORLD as a unique opportunity to engage at the international level with a variety of stakeholders and demonstrate technological advances made to help the world communication better and bridge the digital divide. For more information visit

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