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20 October 1995

To all Members and members of the Union

Subject: .......Invitation to participate in the World Telecommunication Policy Forum


I have pleasure in inviting you to take part in the proceedings of the first World Telecommunication Policy Forum, which will be held from 21 to 23 October 1996 in Geneva and will take as its theme Global mobile personal communications by satellite.

By Circular-letter No. 208 of 15 September 1995, the members of the Union were invited to submit their contributions on this topic by 25 February 1996, so that they could be duly incorporated in the Secretary-General's report, which will serve as the sole document of the Forum.

I am convinced that the nature of this important event, its purpose and the theme selected will attract effective, high-level participation, thereby ensuring the success of this first Forum and an appropriate response to the challenges posed by the globalization of telecommunications.

Please let me know whether you are able to accept this invitation by sending back the enclosed registration form, duly completed, by 1 September 1996.

Accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration.


Annex: Registration form