Moscow, 27 December 1996

From: Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Russian Federation)

To: The ITU Secretary-General

Our Ref.: UMS-4/4a-1245

Your Ref.: SPU/EA/KB/ml of 13 November 1996

Subject: Draft Memorandum of Understanding

Dear Sir,

The Russian Administration hereby wishes to inform you, in conformity with Opinion No. 4, that as at 31 December 1996 it has no comments to make regarding the text of the draft Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate the free circulation of global mobile personal communications by satellite user terminals.

At the same time, the Russian Administration is ready to consider the comments and proposals which have been made in respect of the draft Memorandum and which will be discussed by the "informal group" to be convened in February.

Yours faithfully,

Director, Department for International Cooperation