Informal Group


Geneva, 14 February 1997

Comments of the Ministry of Communications (Federative Republic of Brazil)
on the Memorandum of Understanding

Further to your letter above, we would like to make some comments on the text of the draft Memorandum of Understanding (GMPCS-MoU). We suggest the following text for Articles 1 and 3:

Article 1 Type Approval of Terminals

The Parties shall develop arrangements on the essential requirements necessary for the type approval of terminals, and the means by which such approvals shall be mutually recognized. That the type approval standards shall be based on the relevant ITU Recommendations, and should be impartial with respect to all GMPCS technologies.


To avoid harmful interference from low quality terminals, when visiting other countries and also to protect users in order not to purchase terminals with usage restrictions. This will allow the inclusion in the agreements of some basic requirements, such as reception threshold and others.

Article 3 Marking of Terminals

The Parties shall develop arrangements on the marking, e.g. with an electronic serial number, of terminals which will permit their recognition and the implementation of the arrangements on mutual recognition of type approval and licensing.


To have clear the meaning of the term Marking. Reference could be made to the practice already used with success by cellular mobile systems and Inmarsat.

We have no remarks on the other articles of the MoU, which text we can accept without restrictions.