Chairman's Report

Second Meeting of Signatories and Intended Signatories

Geneva, 17 & 18 July 1997

Agenda Item 1 - Chairman's Introductory Remarks

1. Before opening the meeting, the Chairman recognized the delegate from Japan, who took the floor to announce that Japan had finalized all necessary arrangements and would soon sign the GMPCS-MoU. He then recognized the delegate of the European Commission, who announced that the EC had been given a mandate to negotiate on behalf of the members of the European Union and would soon sign the MoU.

2. In his introductory remarks, the Chairman apologized for the delay in convening the second meeting of signatories and intended signatories, which originally had been scheduled for 16 & 17 June. In addition, he reported that the core group which had been envisaged at the first meeting had not been convened for practical reasons. Instead, the Chairman and Vice­Chairmen had worked through electronic means of communication to produce the revised arrangements contained in Working Document 1. Informal consultations were also carried out. The Chairman also thanked the BDT for having organized a series of regional workshops on GMPCS which were playing a crucial role in raising awareness of GMPCS and in identifying implementation requirements in specific local environments.

Agenda Item 2 - Remarks by the Deputy Secretary-General

3. The Chairman then invited the Deputy Secretary-General to address the meeting. In his remarks, the Deputy Secretary-General reported on the results of the 1997 ITU Council session which had authorized the ITU Secretariat to continue to provide support to GMPCS­MoU activities on the basis of full cost recovery, and which had resolved that the funds remaining in the first WTPF voluntary contribution account should be used to support policy forum-related activities for the next year.

Agenda Item 3 - Approval of the Agenda

4. Following the Deputy Secretary-General's remarks, the draft agenda was approved with the addition under point 7 of "Contribution 7 - Canada" and the deletion of "Contribution 5 - UK (Radiocommunications Agency - RA).

Agenda Item 4 - Report of the Previous Meeting

5. The Secretary of the Meeting announced that the draft Chairman's Report of the previous meeting had been finalized on the basis of comments received in response to Circular Letter No. 47. The report was approved on this basis.

Agenda Item 5 - Report on the Second Meeting of the Opinion 5 Group of Experts

6. The Chairman of the Opinion 5 Group of Experts reported that the group had approved a final checklist of factors which developing countries may wish to take into account when introducing GMPCS services. At its next meeting, the group will consider the results of the series of regional GMPCS being organized by the BDT which, as reported by the Chairman, had so far proved very useful.

Agenda Item 6 - Introduction of Working Document 1

7. In presenting Working Document 1, the Chairman explained that it had been developed by the Chairman and the Vice-Chairmen, in informal consultations with other interested parties. He proposed that it should serve as the basic working document for the meeting, and be enriched on the basis of the written contributions that had been submitted by participants.

8. In order to have a manageable, productive discussion, the Chairman proposed that Working Document 1 be divided into the following 4 parts:

8.1 Part I, which would include the Preamble, Scope, Definitions and Mutual Understandings sections;

8.2 Part II, which would include the Mutual Undertakings on Type Approval and Marking;

8.3 Part III, which would include the Mutual Undertakings on Licensing and on Access to Traffic Data, as well as the Recommendations to customs authorities;

8.4 Part IV, which would include the Notification and Implementation Procedures.

9. This method of proceeding was agreed.

Agenda Item 7 - Introduction of Contributions

10. The following contributions were then introduced:

10.1 Contribution 1 - Trinidad & Tobago

10.2 Contribution 2 - Korea (Ministry of Information & Communication)

10.3 Contribution 3 - Vice-Chairman (Project Team 1)

10.4 Contribution 4 - USA (Federal Communications Commission)

10.5 Contribution 5 - CEPT and the European Community

10.6 Contribution 7 - Canada

11. Following the introduction of contributions, the Chairman proposed the following order of business:

11.1 first, Part I of Working Document 1 would be dealt with in Plenary;

11.2 second, Part III of Working Document 1 would be dealt with in Plenary;

11.3 third, a small working group would be established to revise Part II of Working Document 1 for consideration by Plenary;

11.4 fourth, Part IV of Working Document 1 would be dealt with in Plenary.

12. This order of business was agreed.

Agenda Item 8 - Consideration and Approval of the First Set of Specific Arrangements

13. The meeting then considered and approved in marked-up form initial arrangements for implementing the GMPCS-MoU, on the basis of Working Document 1 as well as Working Documents 4A and 4B which were produced to reflect discussions during the meeting.

14. In order to expedite matters, Canada proposed that the Chairman, with the assistance of the Secretariat, take responsibility for producing a clean version of the arrangements and circulating it to participants with an invitation to correct any editorial errors that might have occurred. This proposal was seconded by the United States and the United Kingdom and agreed by the meeting.

15. The representative of ICO then proposed that the Chairman should take advantage of this consultative procedure to invite comment on the question of what would constitute a suitable GMPCS mark. This proposal was seconded by the representatives of Motorola, Iridium and the Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, and agreed by the meeting.

Agenda Item 9 - Council Resolution 1110 (Working Document 2) and Organization of Future Work

16. The Chairman then reverted to the subject of ITU Council Resolution 1110 which had been discussed by the Deputy Secretary-General in his introductory remarks.

17. The Chairman recalled that the Deputy Secretary-General had stressed that future financial contributions to support work on the GMPCS-MoU would be voluntary, and regretted that this had not been explicitly recognized in the Council Resolution, even though the intention was certainly clear.

18. The Chairman then invited comments from participants on the role of the ITU Secretariat in supporting work on the GMPCS-MoU, particularly in light of Council's decision that such work should be undertaken on the basis of full cost recovery. On the basis of the discussion that followed, he concluded that a meeting should be convened as soon as was practicable to consider a proposal from the Secretariat which, among other things, would include plans for:

18.1. implementing the Secretary-General's Role as Depository of the MoU, including

18.2. organizing this work within the Secretariat;

18.3. a fee schedule based on full cost recovery;

18.4. an accounting, reporting and charging mechanism.

19. In response to this proposal, the meeting agreed that a GMPCS-MoU Signatories Meeting, to which potential signatories should also be invited, would be held on 6 & 7 October 1997 to consider the Secretariat's proposal.

20. There was also agreement with the Chairman's proposal that a review meeting should be held in about one year's time to consider progress made in implementing GMPCS and the arrangements developed under the GMPCS-MoU, in order to assist in the preparation of a report to the 1998 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference, as required by Kyoto Res. 2.

Agenda Item 10 - Any Other Business

21. A number of delegations took the floor to express their appreciation for the work done by the Chairman, the Vice-Chairmen and the ITU Secretariat, which had made it possible to meet the objective established by the first Policy Forum of completing initial arrangements for implementing the GMPCS-MoU by July 1997.