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Electronic Commerce Seminar – May 17, 1999
As part of the celebration of the World Telecommunication Day on May 17 and the 134th anniversary of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the ITU is organizing a seminar on Electronic Commerce with emphasis on how developing and least developed countries can take advantage of the benefits of electronic commerce.

The ITU World Telecommunication Day Electronic Commerce Seminar will focus on issues that should facilitate the use of electronic commerce by micro, small and medium sized businesses in developing and least developed countries.

The seminar has the following objectives:

  • Assist decision-makers to understand the importance of electronic commerce as a catalyst for the development of the telecommunication infrastructure.
  • Discuss the requirements for implementing electronic commerce using existing information and communication technology infrastructure and services.
  • Provide a forum for dialogue to discuss problems faced by the various sectors in developing and least developed countries.
  • Encourage the participation of public and private sector organizations in providing assistance to developing and least developed countries.
  • Highlight the role of the ITU in providing assistance to developing countries in the transfer and use of electronic commerce and related technologies.

Seminar Agenda – May 17, 1999

Moderator of Seminar - Pierre GAGNÉ (ITU/BDT)

10:00-10:10 Opening address by ITU Secretary General

Introductory remarks by the Director of BDT


10:10-10:20 Introduction to Electronic Commerce – Models, benefits and requirements

Presentation by Lucio GOELZER (Retired Chief, ITU IS Department)

    • Definition and models
    • Requirements and benefits

10:20-10:35 Electronic Commerce for Developing Countries (EC-DC)

Presentation by Alexander NTOKO (ITU/BDT)

    • Objectives of the EC-DC project
    • The Role of ITU in EC-DC
    • Description and status of project

10:35-10:45 Electronic Commerce Payment Systems

Presentation by VISA

    • Status of technology from VISA and it's partners
    • Requirements for developing countries to use Network Payment systems
    • How can VISA facilitate the use of its network payment systems?

5 minute break before the session on ISSUES (Trade, Regulatory and Policies)


10:50-11:00 World Trade Centers (WTC) and Electronic Commerce

Presentation by Philippe DOUBRE (WTC)

    • World Trade Centers and electronic commerce

11:00-11:10 Impact of Electronic Commerce on Trade in developing countries

Presentation by Lee TUTHILL (WTO)

    • How can electronic commerce enhance trade in developing countries?
    • How will it affect existing trade relationships with developed countries?

11:10-11:20 Policy and Regulatory Issues

Presentation by Ben PETRAZZINI (ITU)

    • Telecommunication development for electronic commerce
    • Telecommunication operational, policy and regulatory issues 

5 minutes for the Moderator to explain the format of the interactive session and other remarks.


11:25-11:55 Panel Discussions – Interactive Session

The debate will focus on the requirements for implementing electronic commerce in developing and least developed countries. The following subjects will be the focus of the discussions:

    • Payment systems – VISA
    • Information Technology – Alexander NTOKO - ITU
    • IPR, Copyrights, Patents, Trade marks – Christopher GIBSON - WIPO
    • Policy and Regulatory – Ben PETRAZZINI - ITU
    • Trade and Commerce – Lee TUTHILL - WTO
    • Role of the Private sector - Philippe DOUBRE – WTC

11:55-12:00 Closing Remarks by Moderator



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