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National survey on e-commerce
For a better understanding of e-commerce
The theme adopted by the ITU Council for this year's World Telecommunication Day is Electronic Commerce.

Electronic commerce demonstrates how telecommunications can broaden market access and add value to the information and communication infrastructure and services. The aim, in adopting e-commerce as the theme for WTD 99, is to provide countries Ś and in particular developing and least developed countries Ś with a better understanding of:

  • the issues to address when integrating electronic commerce technologies in existing infrastructure
  • how the emergence of e-commerce worldwide will affect them and
  • how to play an active part in the search for solutions suited to their needs and interests.

ITU members (Member States and Sector Members) are therefore invited to:

  • review the status of e-commerce in their countries and report on it and
  • provide their views on a whole range of issues relating to the introduction of e-commerce in their economies.

To assist our Members in this exercise, a "discussion paper" structured in the form of a survey has been prepared. The paper identifies the main areas of policy debate on electronic commerce, introduces each issue in the context of e-commerce development and strategies and makes a number of statements aimed at stimulating answers on the part of regulators and governments. It is intended to compile, analyze and consolidate the responses into a single report to be circulated to all members, hence contributing to the global debate by disseminating the individual views of members to the entire ITU membership



Discussion Paper

Report on the e-commerce survey
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