Atlanta 1996 - The Olympic Centennial

In 1996, the Centennial Olympic Games will be held in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). These Games, celebrating the re-inception of the Olympic games in 1894, will be the largest ever held, gathering 197 nations from the world's five continents. A record attendance is expected, and at least 15,000 athletes and officials will this year participate in a record 26 sports and 271 events.

The Atlanta Games will be broadcast live worldwide by a number of different television unions and networks, and will reach an audience of several billion viewers at any given time during the 16 days of competitions.

On the spot, around 16,000 media representatives are expected to be accredited and will work day and night to relay the images and sounds of the Games to viewers, listeners and readers all over the globe. The press contingent will include 5,000 written press (about 3,800 journalists from 197 countries, 800 photographers and 400 technicians), 8,000 broadcast media (television and radio commentators, producers and technicians) and 3,000 staff members from Atlanta Olympic Broadcasting, the host broadcaster, who will be charged with the task of producing the international sound and picture feeds of the Games.

State-of-the art telecommunications will be in operation on a 24-hour basis. The host broadcaster alone will produce 3,000 hours of live radio and television coverage. In addition, some 40 television mobile units, 400 cameras and 275 video tape machines will be used, and will make Atlanta, for about a month, the worldwide hub of global communications.