Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated: July 2024

The Assembly will be held at the International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (IECC) at the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) complex located at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. The meetings will take place in Bharat Mandapam (main convention center), and Hall-14 & Hall-1 of Pragati Maidan.

The Global Standards Symposium will be held at Pragati Maidan, Hall-14, and the high-level segment in the G20 Summit Room in Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi, India, on 14 October 2024. More information is available at:

There are several Registration categories

Registration is required for all WTSA-24 and GSS-24 participants (either onsite or remote). 

WTSA-24 participants must register individually at
ITU members only: There is a sub-option on this form to also register for GSS-24.
Non-members attending GSS-24 should register at 

Once submitted, the online registration request will be automatically sent for approval by the designated focal point (DFP).  
DFPs will receive an e-mail notification to approve/reject each registration request.  
The list of DFPs is available here.  
If the DFP contact details need to be updated, kindly provide updated details to .  
Participants and DFPs need an ITU user account with TIES access to access the online registration system. 

A registration confirmation e-mail is sent to participants as soon as their DFP have approved the requests for registration. 

Participants planning to participate remotely may select this option when registering, noting that only real time non-interactive remote participation will be provided. 

Once registered, the registration form cannot be changed via the web page. Please contact if updates are needed. Note that if you select remote or onsite participation and then change your plans, there is no need to change the registration form, as that choice is indicative and not binding. 

The list of registered participants is available here (TIES access required). 

Badges for WTSA-24 and GSS-24 will bear a photo of the delegate and can be collected at the General Reception of the Bharat Mandapam Building on the ground floor in the Pragati Maidan Center. 
Visa support is available for ITU members. Visa related information is available here

Yes, to eligible participants from developing countries.

Modalities: one full, or two partial fellowships may be granted per eligible Member State.  
A partial fellowship will cover either  
a) the air ticket (one return economy class ticket by the most direct/‌economical route from the country of origin to the meeting venue), or  
b) an appropriate daily subsistence allowance (intended to cover accommodation, meals and incidental expenses).  
In case of two partial fellowships, at least one should be the air ticket.

For partial fellowships, the applicant’s organization shall cover the remainder of the participation costs.

Full fellowship will cover both the air ticket and an appropriate daily subsistence allowance.

Please see TSB Circular 177 for further details.

There is no limit to the number of participants from each member state. The event is open to all, and ITU welcomes all the participants that wish to attend. The key is to register as early as possible.

Directions to the event venue can be found at: 

Yes, meeting rooms at the conference centre are available for reservation.

Procedure: ITU officers in charge or rooms can be reached:
1. On-site in Hall 14, ground floor, office number to be confirmed;
2. By e-mail at for reservation with an indication of the name of the meeting(s), date(s) and time slot(s) of the meeting, as well as the number of expected physical participants in New Delhi;
3. Via the online form for stand-alone reservations only.

Delegations are requested to prepare contributions to the extent possible using the skeleton generated by the ITU Conference Proposals Interface (CPI) and submit them to The user interface of the CPI is designed to be intuitive; nevertheless, a User Guide is available from the main page of CPI. Contributions, together with other documents, are posted on ITU’s Document Management System (DMS). Proposals can be tracked before and during the Assembly using the Proposals Management System (PMS)

As done for previous WTSAs, contributions including more than one proposal should be structured in a cover page with general information (such as list of proposals, contact points for each proposal, etc.) and then have each specific proposal submitted as a separate file, to be published as ADDENDA to the cover page document.

Submit contributions preferably by Monday, 16 September 2024), but at the latest by Monday 23 September 2024 at 2359 hours (Geneva time).

See TSB Circular 177 for details.

The ITU Secretariat will make the contributions available as received  on the WTSA-24 website, in general by the next working day.

After documentation quality control and formatting, the contributions will be available at

WTSA-24 will be paperless.

Exceptions can be made upon request for persons with disabilities or specific needs, in which case please contact:

Yes, there is a Document Sync Tool. Please download it here for macOS or Windows, and read the User Guide for step-by-step instructions.

A wireless local-area network (LAN) will be available at the venue during the WTSA-24 and GSS-24.

Delegates need a valid ITU account with TIES access to access the WTSA documents and the electronic notification service. Please see for details.

Nominations should be submitted by 14 July 2024 but not later than 16 September 2024

Nominations need to include the name and biographical profile highlighting the qualifications of the individual concerned.

In view of the consensus reached at TSAG (January 2024), nominations concerning SG9 and SG16 positions are expected to be made to the consolidated SG9+SG16, instead of to either SG9 or SG16

Nominations for Study Group positions should take into account that only one chair per country will be carried forward in proposals to the WTSA head of delegations.

Please see TSB Circular 176 for further details.

WTSA-24 will define its structure following the procedures in WTSA Resolution 1 (Geneva, 2020). Five standing committees will be created and possibly working groups under COM3 and COM4.

TSAG-TD1187 Planning and organization of WTSA-24: structure and leadership provide preliminary information about WTSA-24, its normal agenda and its structure.

A draft time management plan will be available in due time at the WTSA-24 website.

Only non-interactive remote participation will be available during WTSA-24. Delegates are invited to consider their participation accordingly.

ITU will provide non-interactive remote participation to all plenary and committee meetings.

Remote non-interactive participation for other meetings (ad-hoc groups, drafting groups) may be provided on a best effort basis under the discretion of the Secretariat and the availability of equipped room facilities.

As WTSA is a physical meeting, decisions will be taken by delegates physically present at Plenary meetings.

Like all other committees of WTSA-24, Committee 5 will meet physically with non-interactive remote participation provided.

COM5 is typically convened with a small team. A meeting room at the venue could be reserved for COM5 to allow for the meeting to have flexible meeting hours and remote participation. 

If consensus could not be reach on modifications, then there is usually no change to existing text.

All hotels suggested in the list provided by the host will have a shuttle service between the hotel and the meeting venue. The list of hotels can be accessed at:

Yes, delegates with accessibility needs are invited to request, as soon as possible, any reasonable specific assistance needed by e-mail to The ITU secretariat will meet the expressed requirements to the best of its ability, subject to availability of resources. 

The invitation letters to WTSA-24 and GSS-24 can be downloaded at:

The invitation letter can be downloaded at:

The clearance letter can be downloaded at:

The clearance letter can be downloaded at:

The additional documents can be accessed at:

The agenda of the event can be accessed at:

Several side events of WTSA-24 will be organized, and their details will be published on the WTSA-24 side events web page.