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ITU and Linux Foundation join forces to create OpenWallet Forum featured image

ITU and Linux Foundation join forces to create OpenWallet Forum

Digital wallets are providing millions of people with their first opportunity to save, make digital payments, and develop a transaction history attesting to their creditworthiness.

At the WSIS+20 Forum High-Level Event, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Linux Foundation announced their intent to launch an OpenWallet Forum to stimulate global access to the digital wallets that form key technology building blocks for digital public infrastructure.

The OpenWallet Forum will offer a platform for multistakeholder cooperation to integrate wide-ranging requirements from governments and companies into coordinated policies and technical standards for digital wallets.

The forum will also be supported by the UN International Computing Centre (UNICC) and the Government of Switzerland.

Focus on security and global interoperability

The OpenWallet Forum will place emphasis on the security and interoperability of digital wallets, recognizing the importance of trust in digital wallet services and the greater scope of opportunity to take advantage of them when services from multiple providers work together successfully.

Hosted by ITU and the Linux Foundation, the OpenWallet Forum will build on the success of the OpenWallet Foundation, which will continue bringing developers together to work on open-source software for secure, interoperable digital wallets.

The OpenWallet Foundation will host core open-source components for digital wallets.

UNICC will work with the Linux Foundation to provide a mirror of all Git-based source code repositories hosted by the OpenWallet Foundation as well as channel software contributions from UNICC partners and affiliates to the OpenWallet Foundation’s repositories.

ITU will leverage its diverse global membership and extensive network of partners to drive supporting multistakeholder collaboration aimed at ensuring that the software is available globally.

Detailed information on opportunities to participate will be shared by ITU and the OpenWallet Foundation closer to the launch of the OpenWallet Forum.

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