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Membership Activities

​​The activities to be undertaken by ITU Membership, beginning as early as possible and continuing throughout the year, will contribute towards building political momentum to further mobilize support for these enterprises as a mechanism to enable and accelerate sustainable development through ICT-enabled solutions and applications. They will showcase and leverage relevant national and regional strategies and initiatives to promote ICT-related SMEs and foster and discover new technological solutions to accelerate sustainable development.

We invite you to organize activities in your country to mark WTISD-2016 and encourage you to involve all sections of society to formulate awareness and consensus on the issues underlying the theme ICT entrepreneurship for social impact”.

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Worldwide Initiatives

Angola (Republic of)Fórum about World Teleccomunication and Information Society DayMinistry of Telecommunication and Information Technologies (MTTI)
Bangladesh (People's Republic of)Present status of ICT sector in Bangladesh and vision 2021Shibgonj Pilot High Schoolwww.shibganj pilot high
Egypt (Arab Republic of)Sharity.. Creating a network of collaborators - a Shared-Value platform to effectively achieve SDGsCairenes Solutions LLC
Haiti (Republic of)FORUM TELECOM HAITI
Mauritius (Republic of)WTISD 2016 MauritiusNational Computer Board (NCB)
PeruCiclo de Charlas por el Día Mundial de las TelecomunicacionesSección de Ingeniería de las Telecomunicaciones - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Senegal (Republic of)Panel sur le thème de «  "l'entreprenariat dans le secteur des TIC au service du progrès social"MINISTERE DES POSTES ET DES TELECOMMUNICATIONS
Senegal (Republic of)JokkoSantéSensys
Spain#DiaMundialTIC (Barcelona): “Emprendimiento TIC con impacto social”Asociación Catalana de ingenieros de Telecomunicación ( y Colegio Oficial de Ingeniería en Informática de Cataluña (COEINF) 
Uganda (Republic of)Visible PollsVisible
United States of AmericaProject Genesis: Garden of Eden IIKade Social Ventures, LLC
Uruguay (Eastern Republic of)21ª Entrega del Premio CX en Comunicación a nivel nacional e internacional. Primer Museo Viviente de la Radio y las Comunicaciones del Uruguay, Gral.
Viet Nam (Socialist Republic of)Celebrating the WTISD 2016 in Viet NamMinistry of Information and Communication;