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GSR 2023

WSIS Forum 2023 final week, physical meeting with extended remote participation,
13-17 March 2023, Geneva, Switzerland


  1. To support your request to participate onsite to the final week of the 2023 WSIS Forum, the credential committee may ask for relevant information about the entity you represent and about yourself, by asking you to complete the e-questionnaire below.
  2. In case when credentials are easily accessible on the web (showing activities of the person/entity in the last twelve months), direct web links to these credentials can be provided under part A – if you are unable to provide e-credentials, then please complete parts A and B, and submit your additional documents to

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Direct links to credentials:

If you do not have direct web links supporting your credentials, please also complete part B and provide the requested documentation to


Type of entity:

Please specify to what other meetings in relation to information society issues you participated on behalf of your entity since 2021, if you have participated to any physical meeting organized by ITU, and why you would like to participate in the WSIS Forum 2023:

What are the main goal and objectives of your entity and what are the main involvements of your entity in the Information Society?

Please send documents to support your accreditation (Ex.: entity’s latest annual activity report, dated articles showing the involvement of your entity/yourself, etc.) to

The ITU reserves the right to request further documents if it deems necessary