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​Message for World Radio Day from the President of the Spanish Radio Academy

The Radio power

Since its origins, radio has been shown to be the most useful medium of social communication for humanity. Radio waves go beyond borders and freely reach everybody and everywhere, being a very affordable receiver compared to other forms of media. Therefore, it is fair to remember the pioneers who contributed to the great invention of the radio. Distinguished researchers like the german Heinrich Hertz, the russian Alexander Popov, the french Edouard Branley, the american of serbian origin Nickola Tesla, the italian Guglielmo Marconi, the british Oliver Lodge´s, the spanish Cervera Baviera, the indian Chandra Bose, etc.

The Internantional Telecommunication Union-UIT created 165 years ago, with the advent of the telegraph, still consider however to the Radio waves, descovered by Hertz in 1888, like the que en of the communications to distance, even ahead of innovate fiber optic. Then, the famous Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, widely used in many devices, as we all know are based in Radio waves. Also in the communications of the space, Radio has not sttoped being the queen, from the signals emmited by Sputnik en 1957, passing by the voice communications with the astronauts of  Apollo XI in the arrival of the first man in the moon, evento the most moderna telescopes , or unmanned mission ships like Pioneer, Viking o Voyager.

The Radio remains unchallenged for centuries untill someone proves any day that the human being can do without any technical device, because he will communicate to distance thanks to the power of his mind. But this, what we know as telepathy, does not seem to be a sensible change time for now. So, for now, we will continue keeping THE POWER OF THE RADIO.

Jorge Álvarez
President of the Spanish Radio Academy