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ICTs for a Sustainable World #ICT4SDG

ITU and the UN Agenda: Development


ITU is committed to the vision of promoting the availability and application of ICTs for socio-economic development, and has been very active to this end by developing strategic planning and policy recommendations as well as well by implementing projects and initiatives in the area of Development.
The mission of ITU and in particular of its Development Sector is guided and based on the right to communicate of all inhabitants of the planet through access to infrastructure and information and communication services. This mission encompasses ITU’s dual responsibility as a United Nations specialized agency and as an executing agency for implementing projects under the United Nations development system or other funding arrangements.
In this regard, ITU persistently strives to:
·        Provide assistance to countries in the field of ICTs, in facilitating the mobilization of technical, human and financial resources needed for their implementation, as well as in promoting access to ICTs;
·        Promote the extension of the benefits of ICTs to all the world’s inhabitants;
·        Promote and participate in actions that contribute towards narrowing the digital divide;
·        Develop and manage programmes that facilitate information flow geared to the needs of developing and least developed countries.