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WTDC-14 Highlights: Policy Statements

GSR13 Chairman's Report

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Policy Statements

Issue N°3, Dubai,  
30 March-1 April 2014  

WTDC-14 participants pay tribute to ITU

ITU urged to pursue work to achieve universal broadband connectivity

Government policy-makers and ICT industry leaders from around the world have reasserted their support for ITU's ongoing commitment to bridge the digital divide and expressed appreciation for its assistance in helping developing nations access the benefits of ICT.

Delegates attending ITU's sixth quadrennial World Telecommunications Development Conference now in session in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates also commended ITU's continued leadership in guiding the agenda towards achieving the objectives set at WTDC-10 in Hyderabad, India.

During policy statements made over the first three days of the conference from 30 March to 1 April, 70 heads of delegation informed the more than 1,600 participants from 145 countries present about the current state of national implementation of WTDC-10 objectives and expressed confidence that the conference will produce a Dubai Plan of Action that will carry them closer towards achieving their common goals.

All delegates stressed the importance of universal broadband connectivity as an indispensable driver of socio-economic advancement and an enabling means to lift the least developed countries out of poverty and digital exclusion, and requested the ITU to pursue its work towards attaining this goal through capacity building, best practice guidance and technical assistance.  

Delegates acclaimed ITU assistance provided in spectrum management as the transition from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting gathers pace around the world and releases spectrum for other applications. ITU assistance was also praised in many other areas including:
Following the policy statements, ITU's Telecommunication Development Bureau Director Brahima Sanou presented the outcomes of the Hyderabad Action Plan which is expected to provide a solid foundation for the WTDC-14 Dubai Action Plan. 

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WTDC-14 Interview
Rimeta Beniamina, Minister of Communications,
Transport and Tourism Development,
Republic of Kiribati​

WTDC-14 Interview
Jean-François Bureau, Director of Institution​al
and International Affairs, Eutelsat

WTDC-14 Interview
Susan Schorr, Head of Special Initiatives Division, Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT), ITU