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GSR 2023

Data for Global Aviation Safety


Data Driven Decision-Making Processes, Data Services and Applications for Aviation Safety


This paper presents analysis solutions, data applications and services developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO): indicators, iSTARS, SIMS and iMPLEMENT. These solutions facilitate data-driven decision making and assist stakeholders in identifying and managing safety risks in support of the development  and dissemination of safety information and the implementation of State safety programmes (SSPs) and safety management systems (SMSs). Safety management supported by data-driven decision making (D3M) is ICAO’s framework in aviation safety, which is the prerequisite for global connectivity and sustainable development. This framework is noted as an innovation as it is one of the first cases of regulatory bodies integrating a data-driven approach into global governance and international regulations. As a UN specialized agency, ICAO supports all Member States to have capabilities to leverage data-driven approaches for the public good.


Aviation safety, data driven decision making (D3M), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), State safety programme (SSP) , safety management system (SMS), United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)


Hyuntae Jung 
(Air Navigation Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organization, Canada)

Hyuntae Jung is an Assistant Manager in Global Aviation Data Management, International Air Transport Association (IATA). He was a former intern in Integrated Aviation Analysis section in ICAO. He holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Air Transport from Korea Aerospace University with an Air Traffic Controller license. He has been actively participating in various Air Traffic Management research projects. His major interest is to implement Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies into aviation safety and navigation efficiency. With multidisciplinary insights, his career goal is to bridge the gap between academia, industry and regulatory bodies.
Marco Merens 
(Air Navigation Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organization, Canada)

Marco Merens is the chief of the ICAO’s Integrated Aviation Analysis section inside the Air Navigation Bureau. He started his career as an aeronautical engineer at Airbus in Toulouse working on the design of avionic and flight control systems for the A340 and A380. He then went back to his home country of Luxembourg to join the CAA where he held various positions from head of the airworthiness department to the manager of the CAA’s occurrence reporting and analysis system, before joining ICAO in 2009 as safety data analysis officer. Creator of the ICAO integrated Safety Trend Analysis System, he became chief of the section in 2015.
Manoosh Valipour
(Air Navigation Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organization, Canada)

Manoosh Valipour is a systems and process engineer. She currently works in the Integrated Aviation Analysis Section of ICAO’s Air Navigation Bureau where she promotes the data-driven decision making process, works on a standard approach to developing and applying indicators and designs and conducts related workshops and training courses.
Xiaopeng Liang
(Air Navigation Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organization, Canada)
Xiaopeng Liang had over ten years of hands-on experience in air traffic control and management before joining the ICAO as a technical officer in the area of Integrated Aviation Analysis.
Dunia Abboud
(Air Navigation Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organization, Canada)

Dunia holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Translation from University of Montreal and a master’s degree in International Relations from IE Business School in Madrid. She began her career at the International Civil Aviation Organization as an associate analysis officer. Her work currently focuses on a variety of projects related to data-driven decision making in the aviation sector. An example is the promotion of a methodology to better manage the staffing of safety oversight inspectorate in Civil Aviation Authorities, or the delivery of workshops designed to promote data-driven decision making. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and raised in a multicultural environment, Dunia grew up traveling the world and thus speaks five languages fluently: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.
Hui Annie Wen
(Air Navigation Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organization, Canada)

Annie Wen is currently on the API integration team for the new Passenger Service System at Air Canada. She was previously an associate process and analysis officer at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) headquarters in Montreal. Annie earned her undergraduate degree in Software Engineering from McGill University and her Master’s in Aerospace Engineering from École de technologie supérieure in Montreal.
Yuchen Yuan 
(Air Navigation Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organization, Canada)

Yuchen Yuan is the Project and Data Service Coordinator working in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a UN specialized agency. Within two bachelor’s degrees in management and Economy, Yuchen has worked in the biggest comprehensive financial company of China for three years. After proceeding her MBA in Canada, she takes another challenge in aviation and focuses on big data trends and new technologies basis on which to combine business with aviation. Yuchen has passion in training as well, as she has over three years’ experience working as the master for big conferences and a trainer standing in front of people, she is also contributing efforts to any projects or initiatives for next generation of aviation.
Ruviana Zimmerman 
(Air Navigation Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organization, Canada)

Ruviana Zimmerman is an Associate Analysis Officer at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). She is in-charge, and the focal point of the Safety Information Monitoring System (SIMS). Her background is in Business Administration, yet she holds certificates in Safety Management, Project Management, and a Diploma in Civil Aviation Management. She has been in the aviation sector for more than six years. She speaks four languages, enjoys reading, writing, and is passionate about aviation. You will find her as well actively meeting new people from around the world to connect, collaborate, and share experiences, either through online channels or by traveling to places.​