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Call for papers

Special Issue N.1
The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
on communication networks and services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques provide ways to expand human intelligence and can generate a large variety of applications that can be beneficial to society and businesses. AI is dominating headlines with many examples of its applications in our current life, such as web search, spam filtering, image recognition, speech understanding and self-driving cars.

The ITU Journal: ICT Discoveries invites submissions to explore novel applications of AI techniques that can improve the performance and efficiency of communication infrastructure, systems and components, create new services and ensure optimal user experience. It also encourages contributions on related policy, legal, societal and ethical aspects that can help safely unlock the potential of AI techniques in the field of communication technologies, and foster technical cooperation and digital inclusion.

Communication technologies are expected to become increasingly dynamic and responsive, in order to operate efficiently and at low cost under challenging conditions. Predictive algorithms, computational analysis, reasoning and problem solving techniques, supported by forward-looking policies and a common set of standards, can help this direction.    

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Suggested topics (but not limited to):
Communication networks Communications of autonomous systems
Wireless communications Security and privacy

Smart services, smart infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT)
Image and video communication 5G networks
Law and regulation  Ethics and values 


Artificial Intelligence, expert systems, machine learning, swarm intelligence, neural networks, data mining, fuzzy logic, statistical analysis, cognitive systems, communication technologies, communication networks, wireless communications, security, privacy, Internet of Things, image and video communication, algorithms, monitoring, forecasting, optimization, standards, policy, regulation, ethics, intellectual property rights, technical cooperation.

Guest Editors
Antoine Bigomokero Bagula
(University of Western Cape)  
Loreto Bravo
(Universidad del Desarollo) 
Urs Gasser
(University of Harvard)
Larry Holder
(Washington State University) 
Deyi Li
(Chinese Academy of Engineering)      
Kazuo Sugiyama
Daniel Zeng
(University of Arizona)​​
​​Jun Zhu
(Tsinghua University)