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What our Industry Members say about ITU

​Who better than some of our Members can convey what being part of the ITU community means  for their organizations ?

Ravi Suchak, Vice President, Public Affairs - EMEA, American Tower Corporation

" “We are very happy to be members of ITU. Being a member allows us to engage with a broad range of stakeholders and contribute to defining discussions around ICT policy. Through the various meetings and forums, we get the opportunity to discuss key issues and exchange views with governments and industry peers on the challenges ahead of us. This provides an ample chance to align synergies and develop smart partnerships which is the core of Goal 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals.” "

Paul Mitchell, Corporate VP & Chairman, Microsoft

" ITU’s approach in terms of working very carefully, diligently, with technical excellence to harmonize with all of the countries the way spectrum is utilized has contributed to the explosion of services that we have in the wireless context. "

Mr. Wangxuemin(王学民), Director of Industry Standards Department, Huawei

" Huawei is honoured to be the ITU-T member since 2001. From PSTN to NGN, from No.7 signalling and intelligent network to XDSL, GPON, OTN, ITU-T standards form the base of modern telecom industry. ITU-T is going to contribute more value in the area of cloud computing, IoT, M2M, SDN, and play an important role in ICT industry. From ITS to eHealth, from audio and video codecs to security, ITU-T will provide more unique standards that help building modern ICT industry. Huawei will continue to participate in ITU-T standards making activities and to benefit more to ICT society improvement.With the vision of “enriching people's lives through communication. "


Denis O'Brien, Chairman, Digicel

" I think that ITU has had a massive impact on the world and the global economy.. And the fact that the ITU has been so coherent in its plans and policies, to bring new technology to countries using the very best telecommunications networks. "

In Seop Lee, Director, Standard Department, KT Corporation

" KT, the leading telecommunications operator in Korea, has been a member of ITU since 1982. At the beginning, our participation in ITU-T, ITU-R and ITU-D enabled us to learn from established global operators of the era. Today, we are active contributors to ITU-T standardization work in many different fields, especially Quality of Service (QoS) and Next Generation Network (NGN) issues. KT remains committed to working with ITU in the future. "


Manuel da Costa Cabral, External Affairs Expert, ANACOM

" ITU is the unique platform to combine and to get these opportunity for both the political level, and the technical level, to combine and join forces to solve problems of common issue” "


Aminata Kaba, Director of Radiocommunication, ARPT

" ​ITU is a platform where private and public sector and Member States can reunite and take decisions, have initiatives, talk together, have some measures to improve the development of technology and communications in the world.. They also help developing countries a lot by implementing programs and having great results. "

Rashid Al Ahmedi, Director - External Affairs, Corporate Affairs, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company

" Being part of the ITU-T brings great value for us as a Telecom Operator; as there is fast change in this market and we should always try to adapt with latest technologies and protocols. It is important for our network to be standard and ensure interoperability between multiple vendors in the network segments. "


Dr Ghani Abbas, International Telecom Standards Consultant, Ericsson

" A world connected in real time will place many new requirements on all of us while opening up opportunities beyond our imagination. ITU in collaboration with SDO partners (e.g., 3GPP, IEEE and IETF) bring their global reach and view to developing standards for network technologies, network performance and connectivity which are a contributing factor in realizing Ericsson’s vision of The Networked Society "


Dr. Alexis Paolo Garcia Ariza, Project Manager, MEDAV GmbH

" Being a Sector Member opened us to different opportunities to attend seminars and conferences around the globe, which also fits with our expectations as members of an international organization. We are very glad to be part of the international ITU team. Other benefits of being Sector Member of the ITU-R is access to the data bases of reports and recommendations, and with the ITU-News Magazine we had the opportunity to publish some technical contributions. "


Hideo Imanaka, General Manager of Standardization Strategy, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Company

" As a long standing Sector Member of ITU-T, our organization has greatly benefitted from unique networking opportunities with Governments, companies, NGOs and academia. Sector Membership also continues enable our organization to focus on multiple fields of ICT within relevant Study Groups and other groups, like ITU-T Focus Groups. For long years, many representatives from our organization have served in important positions in numerous ITU-T work groups. We currently hold management positions in Study Group 12 on Quality of Services, Study Group 13 on Future Networks (& Cloud) and Study Group 15 Transport, Access and Home. We believe ITU-T participation is imperative for our organization to keep a leadership position in the field of global ICT Standardization and its deployment.” "


Samir El Battah, Senior Director, SAMENA Telecommunications Council

" We want to work hand in hand with the ITU as far as Regulatory and Technological advances and updates as possible. Being that we are located in the Middle East... we wish to localize the issues that are pertinent and support the ITU in further developing these issues and opportunities. "


Francesco Montalti - ITU-T SG15 Vice Chairman, TE Connectivity Ltd.

" ITU-T provides an excellent platform to enable the exchange of information between major players in telecommunications, from governments and companies to the world’s leading academic institutions. A particular benefit of the ITU-T meetings for a company as TE Connectivity is the ability to focus on specific work items with the potential to propose and develop new areas of study suited to its needs. Besides the other numerous services and benefits offered, ITU-T membership has enabled us to form professional and informal relationships with delegates from other leading member organizations, which is a very pleasant aspect on a human level while also conducive to fruitful standardization policy negotiations. "


Flavio Cucchietti, Senior researcher, Telecom Italia

" Aside from unique networking opportunities with governments, companies and academia, our company has been able to gain considerable visibility and influence through management roles in ITU-T Study Groups, such as our currently held Vice-chairmanships in Study Group 5 on Environment and Climate change and in the Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities. As an ITU-T Sector Member, we believe Telecom Italia is well positioned to both lead and adapt to the constantly evolving nature of global ICT standardization. "


Alberto Paradisi, Director of Innovation, CPqD

" "CPqD, as the largest R&D Center in Latin America, focused on innovation based on information and communication technologies (ICTs), has been a member of ITU since 1999, actively participating in many ITU-T Study Groups, specially those related to optical and wireless communication and Internet of Things. ITU-T provides us valuable information related to standardization, ensuring the interoperability of our products globally, and keeping us updated with the future trends in the ICT sector" "

Mousab Abdulla, Manager, Strategy & PMO, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain

" [ITU] being around is a testament to the contributions they have made, all of them, the fact that they provide a venue for us to discuss among ourselves, among Member States, among Sector Members. I think this is a channel that should continue… "

Zhaoji Lin, ICT Security Standards Director, ZTE Corporation

" As a young sector member of ITU and over 2 decades continous involvement in ITU standardization activities, ZTE fully enjoy the high-quality, comprehensive and effective membership service and communication channel provided by ITU,deeply feel the great efforts paid by ITU on establishing a just,fair and open ICT standards development platform, and meanwhile ZTE has been and will always spare no efforts to take its responsibilities on bridging standardization gap between developped and developping country, improving standards using experience, strengthening the confidence of sandards deployment, promoting standards drafting efficiency and enhancing the collaboration among SDOs. "