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What our Academia Members say about ITU

Who better than some of our Academia Members can convey what being part of the ITU community means  for their organizations ?

Dr. Yang Zhen, Professor and President, Nanjing University of Posts, and Telecommunications,China (People's Republic of)

" Many thanks to ITU for the guidance, for acting as a bridge to get the members together for a better communication, and for acting as a platform for better cooperation. "


Dr. Andres Navarro Cadavid Ph.D, Director grupo de Investigación i2T, Universidad ICESI,Colombia (Republic of)

" Spectrum Monitoring, mobile radio and cyber health are part of the specialized technical areas of Universidad ICESI; these are the areas of interaction with the work of the ITU-R which allow us to expand our horizons not only from a technical and academic perspectives but also for networking and international relations. Along with this process, ICESI has participated in ITU Study groups, ITU News and seminars where we believe our contribution as an Academia institution is valuable and enriching. "


Dr. György Varju, Professor emeritus, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

" Our students use ITU recommendations and working papers frequently in their practical oriented project laboratory work. Information on the working progress of a recommendation is very useful for their diploma work and even can contribute to in the development of their PhD theses. Also other ITU publications and events such as the Kaleidoscope Event are very interesting for our students. "


Dr. J.P. Auffret, director of the MS in Technology Management Program, George Mason University, United States of America

" Mobile phones and telecommunications are leading to major changes in industry, society and government and the ITU Academic Membership provides Mason faculty another avenue to engage actively and be in the forefront of the mobiles revolution "


Mr. Alain Louchez, Director of Center for the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America

" In addition to falling closely in line with Georgia Tech’s strategic vision…our collaboration with ITU also aims at fostering productive relationships with industry, academia and other organizations actively working in the ICT arena "


Dr. Jian Song, Director of Tsinghua DTV Technology R&D Center, Tsinghua University,China (People's Republic of)

" The DTV technology R&D center of Tsinghua University is one of the major technical contributors for the Chinese digital terrestrial television broadcasting (DTTB) standard with acronym of DTMB and this standard is now one of the ITU-R DTTB standards with the label of System D in recommendation ITU-R BT1306-6 and other related recommendations. We strongly believe that ITU has been playing and will continue to play an important role for shaping the whole IT industry and therefore the human's life by not only standardization process but also other methods. Tsinghua University as the academic member of ITU not only benefits this university itself but also can make more contribution for ITU to achieve its goal. "


Dr. Ali Abbassene, CIO & Researcher, CDTA, Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of)

" " ITU is a wonderful place where different actors especially from academia and industry can meet together and collaborate to achieve valuable technical work. It is also a great opportunity for academic and research institutions from developing countries to be able to participate actively in the development of future standards" "