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IRG-AVA webinar on “How to engage the whole audience: Innovation in media accessibility”, 15 July 2020

Programme and Presentations

Moderator:  David Wood, Co-Chair IRG-AVA; ITU-R SG6,EBU

1. (13:05-13:15) Introduction to User Profiles and Personalisation, Pradipta Bitwas, Co-Chair IRG-AVA; Rapporteur ITU-T Q11/ 9
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India [presentation]
2. (13:15-13:25) Accessibility through Personalisation, Andy Quested Chair ITU-R Working Party 6C
BBC, UK [presentation​]
3. (13:25-13:35) AI Machine Translation for Live News and Sport, Giovanni Galvez, VP of Business Development and Strategy
SyncWords [pres​entation​]
4. (13:35-13:45) Introduction to accessibility needs during Covid-19 pandemic, Masahito Kawamori, Co-Chair IRG-AVA; Rapporteur ITU-T Q26/16; Project Prof. Media and Governance School
Keio University, Japan [presentation​]
5. Discussion: speakers with David Wood and Pilar Orero, Members IRG-AVA ​