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Evgeni Meilikhov, GLONASS Union

Evgeni Meilikhov has over 15 years of experience in telematics industry, as CTO and consultant. Evgeni has been involved in design and deployment of ERA-GLONASS, Russian nation-wide road accident emergency response system, from the onset of that effort in early 2010. As CTO at NIS, Evgeni led the development of the ERA-GLONASS concept and regulatory standards and supervised its pilot deployment. At GLONASS Union, Evgeni is responsible for automotive OEMs and Tier1s liaison, facilitating compliance with ERA-GLONASS requirements to support mandatory introduction of ERA-GLONASS as of January 2015.

Evgeni is a renowned expert in the field of telematics, IT, and technology development. As CTO at Autolocator in 2001 – 2009, Evgeni has facilitated company growth from a small venture to one of Russia’s market leaders.

Evgeni has a Master’s Degree in physics from the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology and PhD in physics from the Kurchatov Institute. He also holds an MBA from the California State University, Hayward.