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Paul Conneally, ITU

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Paul assumed his current function with the ITU in September 2011 where he oversees corporate communications with a sharp focus on partnership building. He is an expert in digital strategy, an avid follower of new technologies and passionate about how ICTs can be leveraged for socio-economic development.

Paul is a former journalist who moved to the International Red Cross in 1995 where he remained for 16 years, working in media and communications as well as partnerships, development and operations. During this time he worked with the telecommunications sector to develop two-way communications systems during disasters with a specific emphasis on leveraging high mobile penetration rates and engaging disaster-affected communities.

Paul’s international experience includes living and working in the North Caucasus, Central Asia, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Israel & the Occupied Territories and Haiti. He also spent five years in Geneva as head of donor reporting and head of media and public communications for the International Red Cross.

Paul is a TED speaker who holds a BA in Communications; and an MA in International Development and Cooperation.