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ICTs for a Sustainable World #ICT4SDG

Message from María Gómez de Olea, FerMUN Secretary General

Dear FerMUN 2013 participants,
Welcome to the 2nd edition of FerMUN ! This year the conference is hosted by the International Telecommunication Union. Therefore this year’s theme is the perfect way of demonstrating one of the greatest purposes of the ITU : finding out how Information and Communication Technologies can be the way forward to Development, Peace and Prosperity.
ICTs have become an essential part of our daily life during the past twenty years. The entire world is connected through these, creating a dynamic interdependence amongst countries. For the fourth consecutive year, the ITU has published a report in which it explains the significant differences of ICT development in various countries and regions. It has, therefore, created two new indexes, the ICT Price Basket (IPB) which tracks down and compares the cost and affordability of ICT services, and the ICT Development Index which ranks countries' performances in regard to infrastructure and uptake. This application of ICTs in development is commonly known as ICTD (Information and Communication Technologies for Development). These are far from being the only functions or purposes of ICTs; they are also used for environmental sustainability, education and health care, as well as agriculture and much more. 

As we can all see for ourselves, ICTs are not just mobile phones or e-mail accounts. They are the key to the future : for development, peace and prosperity.

The topics that will be discussed during these three days are complex and consensus will be a challenge. I would like to remind you that FerMUN is an opportunity for every participant to try to understand our modern globalized world and familiarize themselves with issues that real diplomats face on a daily basis. Even if the resolutions adopted here at FerMUN are fictitious, what we do and achieve in MUN clubs will always be a stepping stone to the world’s thrilling future.
FerMUNers, enjoy your conference.