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Futurecasters : Global Young Visionaries Summit (FerMUN 2020)

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Final ReportThe Futurecasters Global Young Visionaries Summit  (Geneva, 8-10 January 2020) was hosted and co- organized by ITU and the Model UN programme of Ferney-Voltaire, France.

The event is a programme of youth-oriented consultations aimed at bringing the voices of young people to all major ITU development discussions and activities.

The Summit is built around the global success of the FerMUN Model UN led by the Lycée International Ferney Voltaire. One of the very first fully bilingual Model UN programmes in the world, FerMUN now regularly welcomes students and teachers from over 25 countries worldwide.

The Futurecasters Summit welcomed some 700 outstanding young students from 25 countries worldwide.

The theme of the conference was ‘Technology for Development’. Students debated how technologies can be harnessed to advance progress towards the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and discussed, with their unique cultural and personal perspectives and experiences, how the power of technology can change the world.

The Summit featured discussions on the environment, cybersecurity, digital skills, AI, education, to mention a few, as well as a special event on child on-line protection -  COP KIDS -  and a teacher’s roundtable.

Involving young people is particularly important to the work of ITU, because youth are natural adopters of technology. Young people are the ones who will inherit the world that technology is now shaping. It is vital that we hear their voices, listen to what they want from technology.  That they become part of the solution to the challenges the world is facing.

The Futurecasters Global Young Visionaries Summit  marks the beginning of a serious, open, frank and ongoing dialogue where youth can share what is good about technology, and what worries them.

Following this path we will get a truly meaningful roadmap for the future.​