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Futurecasters : Global Young Visionaries Summit (FerMUN 2020)


ITU is proud to host the ITU Futurecasters Young Global Leaders Summit (FerMUN 2020) at its Geneva headquarters from 8-10 January 2020. The event is the first in a new programme of youth-oriented consultations and engagement which will see the voice of young people increasingly brought into the work of the Union’s telecommunication development sector.

The ITU Futurecasters Summit is built around the global success of the FerMUN Model UN programme led by the Lycée International Ferney Voltaire, France. One of the very first fully bilingual Model UN programmes in the world, FerMUN now regularly welcomes around students and teachers from over 25 countries worldwide.

As the ITU Futurecasters Summit, next year’s FerMUN event promises to be the largest ever, welcoming some 700 outstanding young students from schools from all global regions. The theme of the conference is ‘Technology for Development’, with students debating how new information and communication technologies (ICTs) can be harnessed to advance progress towards the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Model UN is a global UN programme for senior high school students which gives young people the chance to organize and participate in a simulated UN conference. Students choose a theme, research the topic, elect senior conference officials from among their number, organize their 3-day work programme, and agree on key resolutions.

Today’s young people are not just technology’s most enthusiastic users, they are the generation whose lives will be most profoundly shaped by digital transformation. As technology continues to rewrite the precepts we live by, ITU’s youth outreach will ensure young people’s views are a vital part of tomorrow’s new narratives.