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Council Working Group for the Elaboration of the draft Strategic and Financial Plans of the Union for 2016-2019



The Council Working Group for the Elaboration of the draft Strategic Plan and draft Financial Plan of the Union for 2016-2019 was established by Resolution 1358 adopted by the 2013 Session of Council.

Terms of Reference

According to the Resolution, the Group has the following ToRs:
a)   on the basis of contributions from Member States and Sector Members, and input of the Secretary-General and the Directors of the Bureaux develop the draft Plans, and to take into account the discussion of this issue at the 2013 session of the Council;
b)   to develop, before 1 December 2013, for presentation to the TDAG in December 2013, and to the Financial management and Human Resources management Council Working Group in February 2014, a uniform structure, format and terminology of the draft Strategic Plan and the draft Financial Plan, based on the RBB framework, and including options for achieving a balance between income and expenditure in the draft Financial Plan;
c)   to develop drafts of the Strategic and Financial Plans for presentation to the 2014 session of the Council, the first version of which should be posted on the ITU website no later than 28 February 2014;
d)     to post on the PP-14 website a coordinated draft new Strategic Plan taking account of the ITU-D section as approved by WTDC-14 and inputs by RAG and TSAG by mid-July 2014;
e)   to continue its discussions, if necessary, on the Financial Plan until the extraordinary session of the Council prior to the PP-14;
f)   to closely coordinate with other Council Working Groups which may work on items related to the draft Strategic and Financial Plans


​​​Second meeting: 13 and 14 November 2013, Room C

- Documents for the second meeting
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First meeting: 18 June 2013 at 17.30 hours, Room C
- Documents for the first meeting
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