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Name : WILLIAMS, Deirdre
Date : October 03, 2017
Organization : Independent
Country : St. Lucia
Job Title :

Contribution : The questions posed in this consultation are not about “gender equality”. They are about improving access to the Internet for women and girls: which is a laudable aim but only a part of “gender issues” and gender equality. We provide a link to a web site that provides extensive information on approaches and examples of good practices. We note that many women work in the informal sector, so there often aren’t adequate sources for measuring women’s participation. Measures and policies to foster the role of women include caring for children and the elderly; ICT training; measures to facilitate e-commerce including e-payments, reduction of customs duties, fast, reliable and inexpensive shipments. It is important to integrate ICTs in everyday life. Literacy is a continuing gap and it is important to develop digital literacy. Role models such as Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy of Saint Lucia (in the Caribbean) are important. And it is important to recognise that in some parts of the world there are emerging concerns regarding marginalised young men and boys.

Attachments : CWG-Internet 2018 Deirdre.docx