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Name : HERNÁNDEZ WOCKER, Juan Carlos
Date : January 19, 2017
Organization : Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones
Country : Mexico
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Contribution : The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) is an autonomous body, which aims to the efficient development of telecommunications and broadcasting, it is thus, be responsible for regulating, promoting, and supervising the use, enjoyment and exploitation of the radio spectrum, the infrastructure, the networks and the provision of such services. Also, the Institute is the authority in terms of economic competition in the broadcasting and telecommunications sectors. This contribution includes the IFT’s vision regarding the developmental aspects of the Internet and the actions that the IFT has developed in order to promote and increase the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors, including the broadband and the Internet. The IFT considers that aspects of Internet development should focused mainly on those aspects related to a regulation that promotes economic competition by encouraging affordable prices, focusing on the reduction of gaps and for the benefit of users. Also, the IFT highlights that, in Mexico, the regulatory agenda continues to advance in order to reduce the digital divide in the country in constant collaboration with the different stakeholders in the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors, including the public and private sectors and civil society that contribute to the development of the internet ecosystem in the country.

Attachments : Consulta abierta Consejo 2017rev2.pdf