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Name : EFIMUSHKIN, Vladimir
Date : January 16, 2017
Organization : ZNIIS
Country : Россия
Job Title : Deputy Director General

Contribution : 1. The formation possibilities of widespread Internet access to various social population layers, particularly in developing countries, methodological assistance from international organizations, primarily the ITU, in forming the regulatory framework of the Internet, the provision of аdvisory and methodological assistance in the implementation of the technical solutions of construction and development of the Internet, assistance in testing of telecommunication and software equipment remotely via virtual laboratories. 2. Governments and other stakeholders can contribute to aspects of the development of the Internet shaping the opportunities of international management of Internet resources. 3. The most significant challenges are ensuring the information security of the Internet, including the issues of international information security using the tools of the UN, multilateral and bilateral agreements, increased efforts in the fight against crime, child pornography, terrorism and extremism on the Internet.