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Name : NAGARAJ, Puneeth
Date : January 12, 2017
Organization : Centre for Communication Governance at National Law University, Delhi
Country : India
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Two facets of the developmental aspects of the Internet are dealt with in this submission viz, access and human rights. Providing universal access to the Internet is an SDG and recognised in the WSIS+10 Review. However significant social, political and economic barriers to ensuring access remain. Protecting human rights is closely rela`ted to promoting development goals. Human Rights Council resolutions on protecting human rights online are instructive to the work of the ITU and the CWG on Internet.

The role of various stakeholders in promoting the developmental aspects of the internet is unclear as the WGIG did not define it. The ongoing work of the WGEC is however relevant to this issue. The challenge is to match different governance configurations to policy challenges.

Attachments : (CCG-NLU) Submission to the ITU-CWG Internet Open Consultation.pdf