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Name : CHEMANE, Lourino Alberto
Date : January 11, 2017
Organization : Ministry of Science and Technology, Higher and Technic Professional Education
Country : Mozambique
Job Title : Adviser to the Minister

Contribution : SUMMARY

Internet is a technological platform that can be used to catalyze social and economic development in the developing world, regarded that aspects related to safety and security on the cyberspace are catered for and that global and national regulatory mechanisms are put in place to equip the law enforcement agencies to prevent and address the use of the Internet for negative purposes. With the emerging technologies that Internet open opportunities for investors, innovators, researchers, educational institutions in all levels to contribute in the development of new models and companies that explore the potentials made available by the Internet in social and economic development areas like education, health, tourism, agriculture, infrastructures, etc. One of the challenges that must be addressed in the education and capacity building for leaders, managers, and the citizens at large in the potential offered by the Internet for the economic and social development as well as the awareness on the safety and security risks associated with the Internet, mainly for children to prevent child abuse on the cyberspace and terrorism.

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