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Name : EROKHIN, Viacheslav
Date : January 11, 2017
Organization : Radio Research & Development Institute
Country : Russian Federation
Job Title : Deputy Head of Laboratory

Contribution : A number of development aspects of the Internet exist and we selected one of them related to secure and confidential Internet environments. In respect that personal authentication is one of the key elements of modern Internet services and basis for development digital economy we represent material related to this subject in the framework of open consultation. Necessary to highlight, that personal authentication is based on processing and management of personal data. We prepared information regarding Russian experience in regulation of personal data processing. Russian Federation has developed and implemented public policy for personal data processing as well as many other countries. One of the key issues is the cross-border transfer of personal data for global Internet services. There is a strong need of all stakeholders to share knowledge and discuss issues related to personal data protection. CWG-Internet can initiate and conduct such discussion regarding public policies for identification and authentication issues in general and personal data processing in particular for benefits of all stakeholders.

Attachments : DEVELOPMENTAL ASPECTS OF THE INTERNET - NIIR contribution Feb-2017.pdf