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Name : MEZHER, Jaifa
Date : January 03, 2017
Organization : ICT Ministry of Colombia
Country : Colombia
Job Title : International Office Director

Contribution : Internet development inside countries, depends on two complementary lines, one that includes external factors related to market disruptions inside international internet sectors and the intervention of collaborative actors (ICANN, IGF, IETF, Civil Society, etc.) involved and constituted as actors inside ICT policy-making process and another, a domestic one represented by a ICT public policy implemented from the national government. For developing countries, the role of the National Government is presented as the one with the most preponderance, since its performance is not only focused in ensuring integral deployment of the infrastructure that enables ICT connectivity within the territory, but also in the training and education of society to boost their usage of benefits of internet development. The inclusion of activities that promote these two government roles inside the public policy generated for the ICT sector will facilitate the adjustment and the coordination of domestic decisions with the digital advances that are carried out daily on the global basis.

Attachments : Open Consultation of the CWG-Internet-MINTIC.docx