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Name : HILL, Richard
Date : December 14, 2016
Organization : Association for Proper Internet Governance
Country : Switzerland
Job Title : President

Contribution : As we already stated in our contribution to a previous open consultation on this topic, the key developmental aspects of the Internet are to reduce the cost of connectivity and to maintain trust and security.

Reducing the cost of connectivity can be achieved by fostering competition (which may include functional separation), funding infrastructure, taking steps to reduce the cost of international connectivity, supporting the development of local content, capacity building, and a proper governance system.

Maintaining trust and security can be achieved by protecting human rights, protecting data privacy, combating spam, protecting consumers, enabling pervasive strong encryption, and curtailing unnecessary and disproportionate mass surveillance.

Further, it is time to recognize that colonialist attitudes left over from the past are not appropriate and must be banned. And the time has come to make the world a better place by using the Internet to increase social justice: the fair and just relation between the individual and society, measured in terms of the explicit and tacit terms for the distribution of wealth, opportunities for personal activity and social privileges. And the time has come to abandon neo-liberal policies that are in reality corporatist policies that favor the techno-imperialistic geopolitical and geoeconomic goals of one particular country.

Attachments : CWG-Internet 2017.pdf