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Name : BORRITT, Jenny
Date : January 29, 2016
Organization : Communications Consumer Panel
Country : UK
Job Title : Consumer Panel Co-ordinator

Contribution : Summary All consumers should be able to benefit from the opportunities and enjoyment that communications services can bring; The internet can make life easier and reduce costs –people with disabilities, people who are older, or on lower incomes should be assisted to go online and continue to build confidence and skills to use the internet; Governments need to ensure a clearer and more comprehensive policy on take-up and use of, as well as access to the internet; Where people chose not to go online - or while they are still unable to do so confidently - they should not be penalised for using offline equivalent services; Companies should design websites, products and services that enable users with specific needs to benefit from them and should involve users in testing, also taking into account W3C web accessibility guidelines; Examples of good practice are easy to find and should be replicated by others, with funding from governments where relevant.

Attachments : ITU Disabled Persons Access to the Internet January 2016 FINAL.pdf