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Name : BINGÖL, M.Zafer
Date : January 13, 2016
Organization : TURKSAT A.Ş.
Country : Turkey
Job Title :

Contribution : Question 1: Challenges
What are the different challenges facing persons with disabilities and specific needs (e.g. lack of ICT skill sets etc.) in accessing and using the Internet?

Answer to question 1:
For blind and purblind people, there are problems in reading letters in small type size and complete disability sight.
For deaf people and the people with hard of hearing, there are problems in hearing the conversations in videos and visual media. For physically handicapped people, there are difficulties in using standard computer hardware.

Question 2: Best practices
What possible approaches and examples of good practices are available to address these challenges?

Answer to question 2:
Magnification vision aids for people who has difficulty in reading letters in small type size (Zoomtext, Deluxe LP-DOS, Narrator Software for blind people (iZoom, Orca, ReadHear), Braille input-output hardware (Navigator, ALVA, BrailleMate) which is reading the Braille text orally can be used for blind people to address their difficulties.
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf, Audio and Speech Converter, Audio Amplifiers, Frequency Tuner, Signal systems can be used for deaf people to address their difficulties.
Alternative markup tools, screen keyboards, audio-text converters, smart dictionaries, modifier keyboards (stickykeys, mousekeys, repeatkeys etc.) can be used for physically handicapped people to address their difficulties.

Question 3: Gaps
What are the gaps in addressing these challenges and how can these gaps be filled?

Answer to question 3:
The hardware or software devices might be inadequate for addressing the challenges effectively. Those persons with disabilities and specific needs might not afford for these hardware or software devices.
These gaps might be filled by improving the software and hardware devices, providing them for people with financial difficulties free of tax or free of charge if possible by government.
Question 4: Role of governments
What is the role of governments in addressing these challenges and gaps?

Answer to question 4:
Governments has a role as guide, encourager, supporter, provider, financial supporter in addressing these challenges. Also Governments may have a role of providing basis for law enforcement for these services to fill the gaps.