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Display March 2014

Name : NOTHIAS, Jean-Christophe
Date : March 25, 2014
Organization : Global Geneva think-tank
Country : Switzerland
Contribution : The future of Internet governance cannot be assimilated to the future of ICANN. This contribution offers a fresh and thought provoking vision of a complete new grand design. Without minimizing the importance of technical functions such as IANA, the contribution takes a look at Internet Governance through a more ‚Äúconstitutional and universal‚ÄĚ perspective. By proposing a 2-entity eco-system in order to protect an Internet universal Charter (principles), and turn it into reality, this contribution is trying to bring innovation and disruptive thinking. This contribution starts with a double assumption. 1/ If multistakeholderism is a smart tool to foster dialogue, invented by business schools to serve corporations facing social and policy issues, it cannot deal effectively with public policy making and social justice. Only Democratic values, principles and processes can deliver a sustainable governance for the Internet at a national and global level. 2/ Based upon experiences such as WTO, ILO, UNEP, IGF, and examples of convention to write new constitution, the proposed 2-entity eco-system, a World Internet Forum (WIF) and a World Internet Organization (WIO), tries to set a system that provides legitimacy, efficiency, and accountability, under a charter of universal principles.

Attachments : CWG-Global Geneva-2.pdf