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Display March 2014

Name : HILL, Richard
Date : March 25, 2014
Organization : Association for Proper Internet Governance
Country : Switzerland
Contribution : Abstract See the attached PDF file for the full version. This response takes the view that different stakeholders have different roles and responsibilities, as outlined in the Tunis Agenda. States are responsible for protecting the public interest. Thus, states should take steps as follows. Multilingualization of the Internet Including Internationalized (multilingual) Domain Names: support current activities and, in addition, consider implementing additional national ccTLDs, if necessary through alternate roots. International Internet Connectivity: implement the provisions of Recommendation ITU-T D.50 and its Supplements. International public policy issues pertaining to the Internet and the management of Internet resources, including domain names and addresses: internationalize the management of domain names and addresses and ensure that, at the national level, assignment and management practices serve the public interest. The security, safety, continuity, sustainability, and robustness of the Internet: accede to the 2012 ITRs. Combating Cybercrime: agree a simplified version of the Budapest Convention. Dealing effectively with spam: accede to the 2012 ITRs. Issues pertaining to the use and misuse of the Internet: agree that it may be appropriate to allow greater freedom of speech online than offline; agree to limit intermediary liability; agree to reform significantly online copyright law. Availability, affordability, reliability, and quality of service, especially in the developing world: implement Recommendations ITU-T D.50 and D.156; consider functional separation as an appropriate measure, which may be more effective than network neutrality regulation. Contributing to capacity building for Internet governance in developing countries: increase support and funding. Developmental aspects of the Internet: see our previous submission. Respect for privacy and the protection of personal information and data: adopt best practices outlined by civil society and adopt changes to the ITU Constitution to reinforce secrecy of international telecommunications. Protecting children and young people from abuse and exploitation: implement widely agreed best practices.

Attachments : CWG-March.pdf