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Name : MASOOD, Ahmed Bakhat
Date : August 28, 2015
Organization : Pakistan Telecom Authority
Country : Pakistan
Job Title : Deputy Director (ICT)

Contribution : ‚ÄčIn Pakistan some of the operators are peering with each other in major cities of Pakistan and PTCL the incumbent operator has also created Pakistan Internet Exchange PIE, however it does not fulfill the requirement of neutral IXP therefore Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) took the initiative in early 2015 to work towards creation of Pakistan Internet Exchange Point. PTA invited all stakeholders from ISPs, mobile phone operators and academia. Pakistan IXP Stakeholder has started work and work has been divided further into five working groups as per detail below: 1. Assessment of establishing IXP and way forward for establishing IXP. 2. Identifying the benefits of IXP, and making recommendations for the respective public/private organizations to achieve these benefits 3. Analyze commercial aspects of small and large ISPs 4. Selection of acceptable venue 5. Relevant data collection through concerned organizations Generally small ISPs are willing to join IXP, however most of them have lack of trust with incumbent operator, as small ISPs feel that they may lose business and eventually they will be dependent on incumbent operator. To build confidence amongst all ISPs, Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has ensured that neutral multi stakeholder governing body, comprised of Government, ISPs, mobile phone operators and academia will monitor the activities to safeguard the rights of all stakeholders. Further details are attached in PDF format

Attachments : Pakistan Response on IXP.pdf