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Name : BANEGAS, Oswaldo
Date : August 07, 2015
Organization : COTAS LTDA.
Country : BOLIVIA
Job Title : Internet Director

Contribution : In Bolivia we have faced a very difficult environment in order to create our first IXP node. Since the actual government owns the biggest Telecom Operator (ENTEL S.A.) in the country and also controls the Regulator Entity, adding that there is no common sense in order to develop a neutral and open IXP, it is hard to have one of this working for the internet community as well. There are a lot of telecom cooperative companies and the evolution of Internet in the country is very low, mostly because the higher prices to get connected to the Internet Backbone considering we are a mediterranean country (don't have access to the coast) and we have to pay also the transport service to bring the Internet from de coast to the boarder and then, from the boarder to the several states (about 1400 kms distance). What we have done so far is to be aware of the necesity of having an IXP, and have one point of contact between some ISP providers centralized in La Paz at the office of Entel company. This was done with the aim of LACNIC and ISOC. But, actually, the statements of its regulatory functions are abolished and the ISP's may have a new opportunity to rethink how it should work. There is a lot to talk about, but what i would like is to have like an oficial project for IXP's and its bases of operation and organization.