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Date : September 27, 2016
Country : JAPAN
Job Title : General Manager

Contribution : Comment on question No.3 from the standpoint as a telecommunication career providing FTTH infrastructure. Q3. What are the elements of an enabling environment to promote the quality of access to the Internet? For promoting the quality of Internet access, ensuring the capacity of communication would be one of the important elements. To ensure the capacity of communication, migration from metallic network to optical fiber network is necessary. Related to the article how to provide Internet inexpensive and sustainably (Q2), there are differences in the ways to construct and maintain metallic network and optical fiber network. In developing countries, swelling the expenses for initial failure and troubles by cutting cables is one of the biggest issues to install optical fiber network. The followings are some of the specific measurements to improve the initial failure. 1.Technical education and training to improve engineers’ skill 2.Deployment of the tools and making manuals for construction and maintenance 3.Mandatory inspection after construction. Also, installing the monitoring systems of fiber network is one of the significant measures to maintain the quality of access to the Internet.