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Name : SUTO, Timea
Date : September 09, 2016
Organization : International Chamber of Commerce
Country : France
Job Title : Project Coordinator

Contribution : Speaking on behalf of businesses from all sectors and sizes in every part of the world, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) believes that enabling environments are crucial to fully benefit from the social and economic advantages of the Internet. These are created through flexible and light touch public policies that enable emerging and innovative technologies and business models. ICC has demonstrated a consistently strong commitment to both voice the perspectives of businesses worldwide and to work cooperatively across all stakeholders to support and advocate for effective and impactful multistakeholder approaches to digital economy and Internet governance issues. In this context, this submission shares the global business view that creating an enabling environment for access to the Internet in close consultation with all stakeholders and through public-private partnerships continues to promote investment in information communication technologies (ICTs) and infrastructure while fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. It also recognises the significant efforts of stakeholders working together across many fora to advance this important goal.

Attachments : ICC submission_ITU en env_ 090916.pdf