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Name : GURSTEIN, Michael
Date : April 08, 2016
Organization : Centre for Community Informatics
Country : Canada
Job Title : Executive Director

Contribution : This paper provides an alternative approach to possible "Policy and Regulatory Best Practices" of the Alliance for an Affordable Internet (A4AI's) and draws heavily from a blogpost providing an extensive discussion of the A4AI.

In particular, we argue that the overall objective must to ensure access and use of the Internet by those currently not being able to achieve such access and use. Thus the issue is universal access and not affordable access.

In our view, the A4AI recommendations are too heavily influenced by neo-liberal dogmas and insufficiently sensitive to local conditions in which market-based solutions are not likely to be effective.

We propose changes to the A4AI recommendations to align better with the realities of conditions in developing countries.

Attachments : CWG-16-Gurstein.pdf