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Name : VERVEER, Philip
Date : September 02, 2013
Organization : -
Country : United States
Issues : Issue 3

Contribution :


           Professor John Savage of Brown University, a distinguished scholar of computer science, has called my attention to a contribution to the CWG-Internet online consultation that does a disservice to both the International Telecommunication Union and to me.

           In July, Richard Hill submitted a long contribution entitled “Developmental Aspects of the Internet:  The Last Gasp of Colonialism, or Imperialism by Other Means?”  The submission itself is as tendentious as its title suggests.  It is not my intention, however, to engage Dr. Hill in a debate about his perspectives.  I have more parochial concerns. 

           Dr. Hill’s contribution purports to quote remarks I made at an Internet Society meeting.  As Professor Savage’s analysis (attached) demonstrates, these “quotations” are constructed and presented in a fashion well outside the bounds of normal practice.  More importantly, they are used, falsely, in aid of propositions and an overall thesis with which I do not agree.

           Because Professor Savage’s analysis sets forth the matter in detail, there is no need for me to extend the discussion.

Philip L. Verveer
Washington, DC
September 2, 2013