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Contribution Feb 2013 Text Display Screen

Name : TAKAMOTO, Jun
Date : July 30, 2013
Organization : Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Country : Japan
Issues : Issue 3

Contribution : On behalf of the Government of Japan, I would like to submit the following comments on the “Issue 3: Consultation on developmental aspects of the Internet”:

The internet has developed through participation of multi-stakeholder. Therefore, for further development of the internet, Japan believes that the multi-stakeholder approach, including not only the Member States of ITU but also participation from private sector, civil society, technical and academic communities, and other intergovernmental and international organizations, is the best way to consider the international Internet-related public policy issues. In addition, free flow of information is indispensable so that all users can enjoy the maximum benefits from the Internet and the Internet can continue to contribute to the social and economic development. Therefore, Japan considers that free flow of information should be ensured to address international Internet-related public policy issues.