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Contribution Feb 2013 Text Display Screen

Name : SALIH, Sami
Date : July 28, 2013
Organization : NTC
Country : Sudan
Issues : Issue 2

Contribution : After the exhaustion of the IPv4 pool available for IANA, we have to seek for the legacy allocated and unused resources considering that more than 40% of IPv4 pool is allocated either for future services and corporations and never been used. Thus, in order to assure smooth migration by providing a suitable transition time-frame those addresses should be returned back to the available address pool. The role of the ITU as a UN agency to look after the fair distribution of the ICT resources should follow with ICANN and IANA to assure maximum utilization of Internet resources before thinking about transferring these resources among regions. Instead, the Internet community have to encourage and support developing nation to develop their ICT sector not to take the basic resources from them.